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The Medical Foundation Program preparation course is one of the most important entrance exam preparation courses for European medical universities. By completing this course and obtaining an international degree from Glocal College.

MFP students can apply for admission and further study at any of the English-speaking medical universities in European countries. It can be stated that by taking the MFP course, Glocal College students can pass the entrance exams of more than 40 prestigious European universities approved by the Ministry of Health and successfully enter these examinations.


  • Graduates of previous years of high school diploma and Pre-university education interested in medical education.
  • Students from empirical sciences disciplines who intend to attend international medical courses.
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate graduates of other disciplines who intend to change majors and enter medical sciences abroad.


Glocal College Certificate 

The Graduate Certificate of Medical Foundation Program is issued by Glocal College. Students can also obtain a double certificate from Glocal College and Abbey College, England. With either of these certificates, Glocal college will guarantee a pass in the European Medical Universities approved by Iranian Education System.

  • Application Dates: January and September every year.
  • Program Intensity:  Full time 9 to 12 months.
  • Delivery Mode: Glocal College
  • Language: English 
English Language Requirements

This program may require students to demonstrate proficiency in English.

  • Call +98 21- 61981 to book a free IELTS test
  • Schedule a IELTS test at TUMS International College
  • Join our Pre-sessional English course at Glocal IELTS center to achieve a suitable IELTS score for joining MFP course. 


General Requirements
  • Minimum age is 16 and Maximum age is 28 years old.
  • To be eligible to enroll in the Medical Foundation Program all candidates are required to have a Diploma or Pre-university.
  • Candidates need to proof a good average scores in Biology, Chemistry and Physics Subjects.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English are required.

MFP Structure

During the MFP course, three compulsory courses will be taught to enter international courses. Our training specialists will also advise you on how to choose these units. These units include biology, chemistry, and physics, and utilize the ECCS Creative Supervisory System for student learning and teaching along with planning, group training, individual supervision, and standard assessment in preparation for the entrance exam for international medical courses. During the MFP seminar, students will be offered visits to health care and training centers along with theoretical training and laboratory activities to develop research, analytical and problem-solving skills.

In addition to practical experiments on subjects such as mechanics, energy, principles of thermodynamics, materials, electricity, magnetic fields, waves, and quantum physics, students are encouraged to participate in discussions related to nature, material properties and energy during the course.

Inorganic chemistry including the periodic table, enthalpy and entropy, and reaction kinetics, etc., and organic chemistry including topics such as polymers, hydrocarbons, etc., physical chemistry such as atoms, molecules and stoichiometry, atomic structure and chemical bonding are among the main modules of this course.

Major topics in biology are related to the cells of living organisms, cell components and cell membranes of living organisms, the physiology and anatomy of the human body, and the physiological structure of humans and biochemistry. In addition to your research, analytical and critical skills, you will also need skills to study such as correspondence and problem-solving.

Physics 1Exams and Quizzes:
Chemistry 15 Quizzes
Human Biology 14 Mock Exams
English TrainingFINAL EXAM
Physics 2Exams and Quizzes:
Chemistry 25 Quizzes
Human Biology 24 Mock Exams
English TrainingFINAL EXAM

ECCS Structure at glocal college

Learning Services
  • More than 30 hours quality classes
  • Providing studying program to boost studying efficiency
  • Providing strategic learning to boost learning efficiency
  • Integrated management of all educational processes and problem solving
Educational Monitoring
  • Monitoring of extracurricular studies
  • Private tutoring session before the final exam
  • Private training session monitoring and pathology after the test
  • Private student feedback sessions to optimize educational processes
Independent evaluation
  • Standard Placement Entrance Test Based on EU Framework
  • ILETS test at the end of each stage
  • Quiz Short tests for each subject
  • Evaluate skills in Speaking & Listening skills
  • Questioner and descriptive transcripts

Hospital Internship

Since volunteering in the health field is one of the essential requirements for admission to international medical courses, Glocal College offers its applicants the opportunity to become familiar with the hospital environment and the daily duties of health professionals. Applicants may also have the opportunity to objectively observe therapeutic processes as interns-and as observers-in hospitals and medical centers of Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS).

  • Amir Alam Hospital Complex
  • Arash Hospital
  • Bahrami Hospital
  • Baharloo Hospital
  • Cancer Institute
  • Children’s Medical Center
  • Farabi Hospital
  • Imam Khomeini Hospital
  • Jasmine Hospital
  • Razi Hospital
  • Roozbeh Hospital
  • Sina Hospital
  • Shariati Hospital
  • Tehran Heart Center
  • Valiasr Hospital
  • Ziaian Hospital

Entrance exams, support, consulting and classes practice

To participate in international entrance exams in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy at the most prestigious universities in the world, our team at Glocal College, in addition to training classes, also provides counseling and support classes for entrance exams to their students. Programs include:

  • Curriculum meetings and learning strategies
  • Research and writing method
  • Preparing for interviews and taking international medical exams
  • Testing courses in chemistry, physics, and biology
  • Face to face interview skills preparation
  • Practice how to write a motivational letter
  • Workshops on immigration best practices

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