Dr. Samin Hatami

Managing Director

A Message From The Management

We are an inclusive college where standards of achievement are high. Our academic courses is franchised by British qualifications Abbey College UKOur success is underpinned by our unparalleled international network, a peerless commitment to student experiences and outcomes, a track record of working in partnership with universities like Tehran Medical University of sciences, and a passion for discovering new technologies and models of teaching and learning that will improve education now in Iran and into the future outstanding in recent years. 

Mr. Azad Ghadermazi

Founder Member

Meet the Administrative Team

Dr. M.R. Moghadam

Dean of Glocal College

Dr. Sohrab Nikazar

Monitoring Manager

Meet the Teaching Team!

Dr. Hediye Hashemi

Chemistry Lecturer

Mr. Reza Shamsipour

Physics Lecturer

Dr. Zahra Varnaseri

Biology Lecturer

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