For me Glocal College is like a special small community that all of the students here have the same goal that is becoming a doctor and Glocal College pushing us towards it. It’s been absolutely amazing from the teachers that I’ve met, to the friends I’ve made. I really couldn’t have asked for a better time here in Tehran.
MFP Student, Batch 2019-2020
Glocal College is like my big family, the teachers and staff here are very friendly. They communicate with us even on vacation. This college gives me a great chance to build up many great friendship and learn to a lot of life skills. I am earning knowledge in the English base instructions in foundation of Biology, Physics and Chemistry also improve my English skill through teachers and students.
MFP Student, Batch 2020-2021
Glocal College is the first college in Iran and for this reason it was a difficult decision to attend here or not but after few weeks and spending about half of our days in here I figure out that I’ve made the right decision to choose here. Here’s staff were always trying do their best to solve the problems and make here a great place to study.
MFP Student, Batch 2019-2020
The best choice for having a second family which will always be by your side and you can rely on it is Glocal College. I’ve found mine and I’m enjoying every second of being with my professional teachers and the responsible staff that it has. Teachers make studying for you as easy as it is possible.
MFP Student, Batch 2019-2020
I always like to improve my English and learn my lessons in English that Glocal College gave me this opportunity. I am very glad to have a friendly atmosphere at college and with the help of our very good teachers, I am confident that we can succeed and achieve our goal that is becoming a doctor in the future.
MFP Student, Batch 2019-2020
Before I come to Glocal College I was worried about my English and I was like how I would like to study these lessons in English? But with the efforts and support of the teachers and staff I was able to finish the course. Teachers and staff were friendly and this made us able to study more safely. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to attend this course and met so many friends and learn so much about life.
MFP Student, Batch 2019-2020
Before coming to Glocal College, I was a girl with an unreachable purpose, but now I can describe myself as a person who is getting closer to her dream. The staff that Glocal College has will make the path of reaching your dream as easy as it is possible. I am so happy with the choice that I made.
MFP Student, Batch 2019-2020
I have found 5 of my best friends in Glocal College. One of the good things in Glocal College is its location with a little cozy garden. Teachers are very good and they have been studied in their educational field very well. The knowledge we learned at Glocal College are mostly the same to Iranian high school.
MFP Student, Batch 2019-2020
I remember when I came to college for the first time, I had stress about everything and didn’t know anything about Glocal College. It took a while to find myself in college. Teachers and staff are amazing and doing their best for us.
MFP Student, Batch 2020-2021

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