Medicine your achievable dream !

At Glocal College we believe that promoting the pleasure of learning is essential to proper education . We focus on the students’ educational needs to prepare them for international medical entrance exams. Our educational approach is based on a combination of modern teaching methods and traditional learning, with a particular focus on creative pedagogy.

Glocal College Approach

At Glocal College we give our students the motivation to strive to reach their full potential and ensure that they can exceed their expectations. We have a unique educational system that allows our students to discuss their concerns regarding their academic progress with our caring instructors so that we can tailor their curriculum according to each individual’s needs to receive special educational support from the college. 



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Reasons to choose Medical foundation program

1) International Educational System
Glocal College offers the medical program based on European curriculum, which provides students with a great opportunity to familiarize themselves with international educational system.
2) One year course
MFP is a one-year course for both undergrads and graduate degree holders who would like to study medicine.
3) Improve your English Skill
Students can improve their English skills based on the lectures, workshops, interview preparations or just simply by participating in IELTS classes.
4) Affordable Fee
Doing the MFP in Iran costs much less than doing it in Europe. It also helps decrease the student's expenses by cutting out the one-year living cost in Europe.

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